Fluoropolymer coatings

Fluorolast coatings are high performance materials with exceptional resistance to most chemicals and exhibit good heat resistance. They are generally based on Viton.

Some formulations contain Teflon as well and these offer even greater performance advantages. These are known as Fluoropolymer materials. These are available as solvent or water based coatings.

Fluorolast - Fluoroelastomers & Fluoropolymer Materials

  • Have a broader chemical resistance than any other coating product.
  • Can successfully handle thermal cycling & flexing
  • Have excellent resistance to heat aging & oxidation + resistance to UV
  • Finished coatings are tough, flexible & resilient to abrasion & impact
  • Will not crack or peel due to any of the above conditions
  • Di-electric (insulating) strength of 500 volts (@ 250 milliohms sensitivity) per mil thickness (40 mils = 1 mm)
  • Easy to apply & can normally be applied & reapplied in multiple coats within 60 minutes.
  • Solvent borne formulations do not require heat curing. Full cure is achieved in 5~10 days @ ambient temperature.
  • Water borne formulations are available in ambient & heat cure formulations
  • Can be applied on most surfaces
  • Flexibility & high chemical resistant performance as a coating in hot conditions (within its temperature range) such as in flue gas ducts etc.
  • Repairs are easily carried out by cleaning the surface & reapplying
  • May offer corrosion protection lasting up to 2~10 times longer than other paints so long term cost less that low cost coatings