Acid bricks & linings

Corrosion Engineering supplies both red shale and fireclay types of acid brick. These are used in a wide range of applications for paving, pit linings, drains & process vessel linings etc in the Chemical Process Industry.

Acid bricks

The technical properties of high quality acid bricks requires low porosity, resistance to a wide range of chemicals plus abrasion & impact resistance. Certain other properties such as heat resistance & resistance to thermal shock are required for certain applications.

Strength & durability of acid bricks allows their use as effective linings in a very wide range of industrial applications. Internal linings to process vessels & tanks expose them to a harsh working environment as do floor paving applications requiring chemical resistance & the ability to withstand impact & abrasion.

Acid bricks for vessel linings

Acid bricks are frequently used in engineered tailor made vessel linings incorporating special shaped bricks to give a lining fitted with tight mortar filled joints. Examples of vessels lined with both special & standard acid brick are sulphuric acid plants, steel pickling lines, alum digesters, pressure vessel linings, venturis, drains & acid neutralising pits etc.

Acid proof linings

Our acid proof linings also utilise the corrosion resistant materials made by Ergon Corrosion Engineering, USA with familiar brand names such as Corlok® potassium silicate mortar, Furalac® Green Panel furane mortar, Tufchem® polymer concretes, Thinset® adhesive, Pennchem® Vinyl Ester mortar, Penncoat®, Penntrowel®, Pennguard® Borosilicate block etc.

Chimney linings

Chimney linings are a common application for acid brick. Brick flues are constructed from acid brick & chemical resistant mortar to form independent flues inside a concrete windshield. The acid brick lined flues provide containment & protection from the hot corrosive gasses & acidic condensates.

Corrosion Engineering works with many specialist suppliers & installation contractors in the region providing prompt sales & technical support to provide our customers with correct specifications, design & installation solutions as well as experienced supervision as required to international projects.